Our services

As an Inland Container Depot, we also provide other services supported by IT automation processes to ensure that we are the answer to integrated logistics solutions.

Container Storage

Your container must be safe with us, because we provide concrede land for your container and is controlled with security and CCTV for 24 hours.

Container Handling

We organize and manage containers with a professional team.

Maintenance & Repair

We provide container checking and repair with a team that is trained, experienced and certified.


Our service reefer container are :
1. Pre-Trip Inspection service
2. Monitoring service
3. Plugging

Garments On Hanger (G O H)

Our service GOH container are :
1. Single Bar
2. Double Bar


We also provide trucking services for activities such as :
1. Empty Repo
2. Off Hire
3. ON Hire
4.Export & Impor.